Mahindra innovates to ensure safety during transportation for school kids

Mumbai, 29 January 2014: Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., a part of the US $ 16.7 billion Mahindra Group, today announced the launch of SafeEye, a path breaking innovative solution in School Bus Safety in the small vans category. The technology solution will be fitted into Mahindra’s Maxximo Mini Van VX School Bus to transform school bus safety by setting a new benchmark.

Launches 360 degree innovative SafeEye technology feature in its Maxximo Mini Van VX School Bus

· Mahindra introduces SafeEye in the Maxximo Mini Van VX school bus
· Integrates GPS based messaging service and real time tracking of children which is accessible to parents / school administrators on their android phone or PC
· SafeEye will provide the following safety notification services to stakeholders while the school bus is in transit:

o Location & speed tracking on GPS map and through SMS alert
o Emergency notification in case of accidents, deviations from pre-set route or non-scheduled stops, etc.
o CCTV / Still Camera – tamper proof camera equipment stores video footage up to 48 hours
o Webcam / Live Feed – additional option of live feed through 3G network to keep track of school van in transit

· Maxximo Mini Van VX School Bus provides safety measures in compliance with all the regulatory requirements on school bus safety
· Maxximo Mini Van VX School Bus is approved for usage as a school transport vehicle in Maharashtra as well as many other states in the country

The price of Maxximo Mini Van VX School Bus with SafeEye (Ex-showroom Mumbai) for the BS4 variant is:
o Without Live Streaming – Rs. 4.37 lac
o With Live streaming – Rs 4.88 lac

Maxximo Mini Van VX SchoolBus with SafeEye launchThe SafeEye will thus transform the current Maxximo Mini Van VX from a very safe and comfortable school transport vehicle, to a best-in-class 360 degree safe school transport solution.

The Maxximo Mini Van VX School Bus with SafeEye is competitively priced at Rs. 4.37 lac (BS4 variant ex showroom Mumbai) without Live Streaming and Rs. 4.88 lac (BS4 variant ex showroom Mumbai) with Live Streaming.

The SafeEye technology is expected to revolutionize the manner in which School Administrators and parents can ensure safety of their children and wards travelling to and from school.

SafeEye will offer parents, principals and bus operators alike a gamut of solutions and the all important opportunity to use these to ensure the safety and security of their children. Parents and school administrators will now be able to keep track of their wards in real-time via a live video streaming feed, available in the palm of their hands. This would be possible through GPS technology on a 3G network, all by simply downloading a simple android application.

The SafeEye will also offer SMS alerts and important features like location and speed limit tracker. Parents and Principals alike can get regular updates on the location and safety of school children all the way from home to school and back. The SOS feature will also allow them to get updates whenever there is an unusual deviation of route or an accident. It can also help School Bus Operators keep track of their fleet and the conduct and driving habits of their drivers.

Speaking on this launch, Pravin Shah, Chief Executive, Automotive Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said, “School Bus Safety has been a major cause for concern within Indian society and numerous public debates have ignited over the last few years on the ways to resolve this critical issue. As a socially responsible organization, we at Mahindra try to be responsive to such issues and thus, the launch of this innovative solution. I am sure that the SafeEye digital solution is a step forward in ensuring the safety of our children while commuting to and from school.”

Since its launch in July 2012, the Maxximo Mini Van VX School Bus with its class leading safety features has emerged as one of the safest school transportation solutions available in the country today. Some of the features that make it an ideal school transport vehicle include, a Monocoque chassis with Independent Front Suspension for a comfortable jerk free ride for children; child locks on sliding doors to ensure that children do not accidentally open the doors when the vehicle is being driven; LSPV Brakes to ensure robust and reliable braking every time it is required; horizontal grills on all side windows, fire extinguisher, emergency braking hammer, an emergency exit and first aid kit to name a few.

The vehicle comes pre-fitted with all safety features, as per the regulatory norms for school bus safety, ensuring the customer/owner does not have to make any further modifications.

The Maxximo Mini Van VX School Bus has undergone rigorous test runs and has been validated on all performance, safety and reliability parameters. The vehicle is further supported by Mahindra’s service network, which is one of the largest and spread across the country.


Location & Speed Tracking Notification:
· Parents and School Administrators can track the location and speed of the vehicle as well as the driving patterns of drivers to control rash driving

· Parents get sms alerts when the vehicle is about to reach the student’s home as well as when it reaches the school. Similarly, the Principal / School administration will get a message when the vehicle has left school and crossed defined points en route

· Parents and Principals / School Administrators can track the location of the School Bus in real time on a GPRS Map with the help of a mobile app on their Android Phone or PC

· Principals get a message whenever there is any rash driving, unusual braking patterns, etc.

Emergency Notification
· In emergencies like accidents, SOS messages are sent to mobile nos. of Principals / the school administrators

· Parent/Principal alerted in case of Bus deviating from pre-set route, rash driving, sharp turning, unusually sharp braking or non-scheduled stops

Onboard Camera
· The in-built tamper proof video camera can record a video feed of approximately 48 hours, which can provide extremely critical video footage for inspection in case an untoward incident takes place inside the vehicle during transit

Webcam / Live Feed
· The SafeEye also comes with an additional option of live-feed through 3G network. With this facility, parents and principals / school administrators can keep a live / real time watch on the proceedings inside the school bus while in transit

About Maxximo Mini Van VX School Bus

· Safety Grills on Windows: To prevent the students from putting their hands and heads out of the windows. Additionally, the grills minimize impact of shattering glass in case of a sideways collision

· Vertical Hold Bar: Allows the school children to enter and exit the vehicle with ease. Also, the bar allows the kids to brace themselves in case of emergency braking

· Child lock on doors – To ensure students do not accidentally open the doors when the vehicle is being driven

· Breaking Hammer: Glass Break Hammer allows the Operator/School Children to break open the rear glass window in case of an untoward incident

· First Aid Kit: The school bus is provided with fully loaded First Aid Kit to provide immediate care to passengers in case of a medical emergency

· 2 Kg. Fire Extinguisher: Fire Extinguisher provided as standard fitment to deal with any fire related emergencies or accidents.

· Emergency Exit: Provision of Emergency Exit in the School Bus. The exit cannot be opened from the inside by students thus avoiding inadvertent opening of the door when the vehicle is being driven

· Monocoque chassis, hard roof, closed body and a fixed-glass rear door for 360 degree safety

· Frontal crash structure and side-impact beams to minimise impact of collisions

· Strong body with high ground clearance to tackle all terrains with ease

· Independent Front Suspension – To ensure comfortable journey on bumpy roads and rough terrain

· LSPV Brakes – To ensure robust and reliable braking every time it is required

· Ergonomically designed comfortable and well cushioned seats: Mini Van VX School Bus comes with thoughtfully designed twin row seats, which allows it to seat 7 students comfortably. The large legroom and the wide body structure make the entire journey to school fatigue free and ensure the children reach their classes absolutely fresh.
· Under Seat Space for School Bags: Under seat Rexine provided on the rear seats to hold the bags of students. This prevents the clutter of bags in the gangway and makes the journey more comfortable for students
· Hooks for holding water bottles

· No Need to fit External Speed Governor: The Speed of the Mini Van VX School Bus can be regulated as stipulated by regulatory norms, by a simple software intervention in the Vehicle’s ECU thus saving the cost of fitting an external speed Governor.

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