Mahindra Mojo spied testing: 2014 Delhi Auto Expo debut?

It was 2010 when Mahindra showed us the Mojo superbike. It was a big event, and why not. An Indian manufacturer was introducing an indigineously built superbike. At the event, Aamir Khan was present.

It’s 2014 now. More than 3 years since Mahindra first showcased the Mojo. This is a very long time. We are not sure what exactly went wrong with the planning, but it seems that Mahindra is finally ready to give their Mojo to the people of India, or rather to the new-age bikers of India.

Mahindra Mojo spied testing 2014 Delhi Auto Expo debut (1)

Over these 3-4 years, there has been a slight change in the design of Mojo. The change which is easily noticeable, is the larger looking fuel tank. Have they installed a bigger fuel tank, or placed the tank higher as compared to the concept, we are not certain, but the new change looks much better and sporty. This gives the overall look a much stronger stance.

Then there are the dual tone unified seats. This can also be a cover which has been stitched on to the dual seats beneath. For the rider, there seems to be a lot of space, meaning comfortable for long rides. Unlucky for pillion, the seat does not look to hold good for long rides.

To be powered by 292 cc, which delivers 26 PS power and 25 Nm torque, Mahindra Mojo is already late for the party, especially after the arrival of Duke 390, the Mojo has some pretty big challenges up ahead. Mahindra last confirmed that Mojo will be launched this fiscal, before March 2014. Expect the ready-to-launch model to be shown at the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo in February. (images via)

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