Mahindra researching on driverless car technology

While it is a well known fact that Google is currently working on technology for driverless cars and automated drones, it is now revealed that India’s Tech Mahindra‚Äôs is also making progress in the same field. In fact, their contribution to this field is noteworthy. Tech Mahindra is currently working on assessing driverless cars and drones as a part of their machine to machine operations.

Tech Mahindra invests on driverless cars and dronesTech Mahindra has entered into an alliance with leading international car companies to assess their data to understand driver behaviours, while also seeking to understand how the removal of rear view mirrors and having cameras in its stead will be accepted. With the launch of digital cockpits, various factors and driver conveniences will come into effect which will go a long way in enhancing driver efficiency and reducing fuel consumption.

Tech Mahindra sees much promise in the launch of features such as self parking cars and driverless cars in the future. The company expects to see such business prosper in the next five to seven years, growing at a rate of 30 to 40%. The company is also working on use of drones for both commercial and civil applications. They surmise that drones could be used to enhance agricultural activities and could also be useful in various other avenues.

Tech Mahindra is well versed in its research and development activities with 12 R&D Centers in India based in Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. The company is targeting $5 billion revenues by 2015 with added emphasis on technologies in the field of automotive, healthcare and aerospace.

Source Hindu Business Line