Maruti Eeco’s electric variant covers 1300 kms on a single charge

Suzuki Every mini wagon, a cousin of India’s Maruti Suzuki Eeco, has created history of sorts. The electric car now holds a new world record for travelling the longest range of 1300 kms on a single charge.

Maruti Eeco's electric variant does 1300 kms on single charge

The Every in question was modified and fitted with lithium ion batteries and the four member team took the vehicle to the test in Ogata village in Akita Perfecture in Japan. The car traveled with ease across a 25 km course while maintaining a constant speed of 30 kmph. The team has plans to file a request with Guinness World Record for recognition of this feat which has beaten previous record of 1,003.2 km.

Suzuki Every EV minivan came out in limited numbers in summer of 2011. It possessed a lithium ion battery pack that offered a normal single charge range of upto 62 miles while carrying a 550 pound load. This electric Every was taken to the test by a four member Japanese team headed by Kenjiro Shinozuka, 64, better known as the first Japanese driver to win a Dakar Rally in 1997. (Source)