Maruti Suzuki Swift for Colors of Youth 2013 winner

Delighting us in more ways than one, Maruti Suzuki’s journey in India started in the 80′s and continues to be a ‘Way of Life’ for many despite dwindling market share in India in recent months. Nevertheless, you will as of date at any given point of time find more Maruti Suzuki cars on Indian roads than other automakers collectively.

Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth 2013

Keeping in mind their numerous associations, Maruti Suzuki presents Colors of Youth, which looks for the most versatile, talented and skilled student in B Schools & Professional colleges across India. Participants pretty much need to have it all as they ill be judged in singing/dancing/music/standup comedy/innovation, quizzing, and more, with each participant competing in more than one activity.

Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth challenge has 2 elements: a quick fire QUIZ on Indian Business and Current National & International scenario, and talent hunt in any category, i.e., (i) Music (Vocal or Instrumental), (ii) Dance, (iii) Other (Stand-up comedy, Innovation, Car Graphics, Painting, etc.). Thsi year the judges are Nikhil Chinappa and Mugdha Godse.