Maruti to head Suzuki export operations for Middle East, Africa, Latin America and South-East Asia

Suzuki, the parent company of India’s largest car manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki India will soon shift export operations for Middle East, Africa, Latin America and South East Asia to India. The formalities are slated to be completed by March 2015.

Suzuki has long been taking steps to make India their new export hub due to its strategic location and close proximity to ports. Earlier this year, the company had commenced export of Swift hatchback and have since then been making extensive plans to shift attention to India. As on date, Maruti exports 10% of its production and aims to increase it to 15% while this should go upto 20-25% once formalities are completed.

Maruti to head Suzuki export operations

The shift of personnel and other related operations should be complete by end of 2014-15 and the new export headquarters will be situated in Vasant Kunj, New Dehi. Suzuki Motors owns 56% of Maruti Suzuki. Once this new shift is complete, Maruti Suzuki India is expected to takeover from Hyundai India as the largest exporter of passenger cars in the country.

This decision of Suzuki to shift export operations to India comes at a time when demand in major markets which include Europe and North America is at an all time low, and thus increasing exports to emerging markets will offer some respite, where the demand is more. Suzuki will have two new departments created in Maruti International marketing team. One of these departments will cater to Latin American, South-East Asian, Oceanic and European markets while the other will focus on markets of North America and Middle East. (source)