Maruti Suzuki’s 147 workers still in jail, claim liaison between police and management

Two years on since the altercation between management and workers at Maruti Suzuki plant in Manesar on July 18, 2012, 147 strong workers are still bearing the brunt. They were put behind bars without any solid proof, and with their appeal for bail to Indian Supreme Court falling on deaf ears, it seems like a long wait for them.

jailed maruti suzuki workers

These 147 workers were arrested and put behind bars on the assumption that they were behind the wilful murder of the plant manager two years ago (in which Human Resources Manager, Awinesh Dev lost his life in a fire at the plant. The origin of this fire is not yet determined).

As per World Socialist Web Site, the trial is sheer mockery of justice with the state police working hand in glove with management. The police have even resorted to torture of these workers to get them to own up to the murder. The workers on their part are insistent that they had nothing to do with the murder and in fact, view Dev more as an ally than a rival. It was in fact Dev who helped the workers to form the Maruti Suzuki Workers Union.

maruti workers vs managementWith the judicial system, police and MSI management having their own views and dragging their feet in ensuring that the controversy comes to a logical end, the lives of these 147 workers hangs in a balance. If convicted of the long list of criminal charges, these workers could be banished to prison for decades.

The long line of witnesses that have been paraded in front of these 147 workers with a view to identify the culprits has yielded no favorable results nor has it resulted in any serious convictions.With no other recourse in sight, these hapless workers have to continue their fight against the Indian Judicial system and the management at MSIL in the hope that there will be some justice done to them in the long run.

via World Socialist Website