Mazda CX-5 to transport Shelley Rudman’s skeleton racing gear in training for Winter Olympics

Shelley Rudman, Skeleton bobsleigh champion continues to rely on Mazda CX-5 for a 2nd season. The 32 year old relies on the vehicle for her rigorous training schedule in preparing for Winter Olympics at Sochi in February 2014. Driving thousands of miles to train and compete requires a stylish, comfortable and functional vehicle to transport race sleds, equipment and her family.

Shelley Rudman mazda CX-5

Skeleton racing is not for the faint hearted, lying on a specially designed sled, the competitors travel down the ice track head first at over 80mph, negotiating 10 metre banked corners where their bodies are subjected to over 5G. The sleds are controlled through weight shift and contact with the concrete walls is not uncommon. It is in this demanding and unforgiving sport that Shelley has emerged as Britain’s best winter Olympian and the best in the world at Skeleton bobsleigh.

“The Mazda CX-5 is the perfect car,” commented Shelley. “It swallows kit and luggage, it is comfortable for those long journeys and is incredibly economical with the SKYACTIV technology. During the year I am either training, travelling or racing and it is good to have a car that I know will be reliable in the sub-zero temperatures, can be loaded quickly when it is really cold and will get us through the toughest of roads in the mountains. The Mazda CX-5 is also ideal as a family vehicle off season, and was brilliant in extreme heat when we travelled in it to the south of Spain”

Shelley Rudman World Champion Skeleton Bobsleigh Racer (3)