Mazda3 stars 3D street art installation

Visitors to the Westfield London Shopping Centre over the weekend of 28th-30th March saw the all-new Mazda3 in an entirely new light. Reinforcing Mazda’s determination to challenge convention in everything it does, the stunning hatchback was the centrepiece of a massive work of three-dimensional street art in the centre’s main atrium.

Created using a mixture of acrylic and household paint, the enormous trompe l’oeil was the work of record-breaking, London-based street artists ‘3D Joe and Max’.

Mazda3 3D street art

Shoppers at the Westfield Centre were encouraged to take photos of themselves with the artwork and upload them onto the Mazda UK Facebook page, or tweet them using #Mazda3D for a chance to win a trip to Barcelona for two.

Amidst a flurry of social media activity, over 600 photos were taken of visitors posing precipitously atop the artists vertiginous view of another world beneath their feet.

James Crouch, Senior Marketing Manager (Communications), Mazda Motors UK said, “We’re continuing to collaborate with and celebrate those whom, like Mazda, have challenged convention. ‘3D Joe and Max’s’ amazing artwork challenges the convention of street art. Their work is incredibly eye-catching, and our Mazda3D collaboration at Westfield gave us a fantastic opportunity to engage with a new audience via various social media networks.”