Mercedes-Benz CES 2014 – Intelligent Car and Google glasses

In the midst of the gig and watt giants, automotive brands proudly present their revolutionizing tech at CES 2014.¬†Mercedes-Benz reveals its intelligent connectivity concept, based partly on the ability of the car to “learn” the driver’s habits, preferences and predict his moves.

Mercedes-Benz calls this the predictive user experience. Based on driver preference and behaviour, the car learns what an user does, and after 2-3 weeks, the car is smart enough to make meaningful predictions and suggestions based on past input. This includes making suggestions ranging from music taste, temperature levels, and driving patterns.As a result the infotainment and telematics system knows what the driver wants, and when he needs it. In addition, wearable devices such as smart watches or Google glasses will enable the driver to interact with the car even before or after driving.

Dr. Thomas Weber, Reasearch and Development Mercedes-Benz said ‘The Connected Car’ was one of the hot topics of CES 2014.

Mercedes-benz wearable devices