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Mercedes Benz record sales in October 2012

Mercedes Benz has entered its fourth quarter with significant sales in October 2012, specially where their A Class and B Class is concerned, giving them optimism and hope for ending this year on a momentous note. Besides significant sales in US market helping them in retaining their market leadership, sales across the globe have also been positive. Markets of Western Europe, and mainly France have seen increased demand. Demand is rising for the Mercedes Benz G Class.

During the month of October 2012, Mercedes Benz delivered 109,632 units topping October 2011 sales by 6.0%. The company sold 1,074,558 units during the period January to October 2012, up 5.1% as compared to sales in the same period of previous year.

Sales across Germany reached 23,270 in the month of October with a 3.0% increase as compared to sales in October 2011. Here top sellers were A Class and B Class, along with M Class and GLK models. The period January to October 2012 sales in China and Hong Kong, one of the fastest growing luxury vehicle markets of the world saw an increase of 5.5% with 160,425 units delivered. Taking only October sales into account Mercedes Benz delivered 15,895 units, a little shy of 16,539 units delivered in October 2011.

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