Mercedes Marco Polo Camper Van: Camping in luxury

As Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, one of the largest annual trade fairs for mobile leisure opens its doors for a 10 day period from August 29 to September 7, 2014, Mercedes will be showcasing its new Marco Polo Camper Van. The fair attracts over 160,000 visitors eager to know more about tents, mobile homes, camping equipment and caravans.

Mercedes Marco Polo Camper (1)

Mercedes Benz new Marco Polo camper van is based on the V Class and aptly receives its name from the famous explorer and merchant from Venice. This upcoming camper van will compete with Volkswagen California and has been developed along with camper van specialists, Westfalia, partner of Mercedes Benz.

Marco Polo Camper Van, besides seating and sleeping facilities will also have storage conveniences and a host of camping equipment. Interiors are done up in quality material which give an expressive and warm ambiance to the camper van while also enhancing feeling of space and airiness. Cooking facilities on board Marco Polo come from two gas burners, sink and mini refrigerator of 40 litre capacity and cooling facilities upto minus 20 degrees. Fresh water tank of 38 liter capacity and waste water tank of 40 liter capacity are a part of Marco Polo interior makeup.

Mercedes Marco Polo Camper (4)Double bed, two seater bench, camping chairs, table and a pop up roof are also offered on Marco Polo. Engine options are in the form of 3 four cylinder turbo diesel engines of varying outputs of 134 hp, 161 hp and 188 hp.

Besides being apt for camping facilities, the Marco Polo is also equally adept for long journeys and day to day urban commute due to its efficient engines, state of the art suspension and compact dimensions. The company has announced advance orders starting from July 29, 2014,though no prices are revealed as on date.

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