Mobil 10W-40 engine oil for records at The Vehicle Research and Development centre

An association between Mobil 1 and Overdrive magazine furthers efforts to break the latter’s own 24-hour endurance record. Mobil 10W-40 fully-synthetic engine oil was the preferred oil for both the mid-level petrol and diesel vehicles for performance under extreme conditions.

The Vehicle Research and Development Ahmednagar

The team returns to the test track after a decade to improve its unbeaten speed records at The Vehicle Research and Development centre (VRDE) at Ahmednagar. Powered by Mobil 1, 13 new records in records were set for speed, distance and time.

“To Mobil 1’s credit, both engines ran beautifully for the entire period of the test without the slightest sign of being stressed or overheating. When we drained some of the oil to send samples back to Mobil 1 for testing, we were shocked to find that even after 3,603 gruelling kilometres the oil looked and felt almost as if new. Overall, the report indicated good overall health of both the oil and the engine. We couldn’t ask for more,” said an Overdrive team member.

Stock engine oil was drained, and after a 3,600 kilometre run, a clean engine wsa still the order of the day. As a leading Synthetic Engine Oil, Mobil 1 features a Proprietary Multi-Layer Anti-Wear Technology to provide improved performance beyond conventional engine oils. This permits it to excel in the toughest conditions.