NBC ready for the challenges of auto component industry in India

National Engineering Industries also known as NBC, will be bringing in a host of new innovative systems which promise to enhance the auto sector productivity factor…

National Engineering Industries also known as NBC, will be bringing in a host of new innovative systems which promise to enhance the auto sector productivity factor while also conserve energy. The company stated that they would concentrate on bringing about a sea change in the auto components industry offering world class quality, flexibility and customization reducing cycle time and leading to enhanced productivity.

Conservation of natural resources will be their prime objective. In an in-depth study conducted on the utilization of fuel in an engine, it was found that only 12.6% is actually utilized to propel the vehicle forward whereas 62% was lost due to engine friction  and heat, 17% was lost in idling, 2% in accessories operation and 5.6% due to drive train friction and slippage.

To reduce the incidence of friction, NBC has come out with low torque bearing technology and low torque grease which has been developed to improve fuel efficiency. Fuel efficient bearings are also being developed for four wheeler vehicles which have been tested and found satisfactory on two wheelers. For more information, scroll down.

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Breakthrough in Fuel efficient bearings

New Delhi, December 11, 2012: National Engineering Industries (Better known as NBC), a pioneer in the bearing manufacturing industry in India, with gross annual turnover of Rs.1216 Crore in 2011-12, today highlighted their state of the art innovations that can cater to the key challenges in the auto component industry. NBC has delivered the promise of world class quality, flexibility and customization by shop floor innovations that have helped to attain reduction in cycle time and has increased productivity.

One of the key concepts relating to automotive today is the conservation of natural resources. In vehicle, only about 12.6 % of energy is used for moving the vehicle whereas 62% is lost to engine friction, engine-pumping losses and to waste heat, 17% is lost in idling, 2% lost in accessories operation and 5.6% lost in the drive train due to friction and slippage.

By understanding the various torque contributors to the bearing such as grease, seal and internal bearing geometry, NBC has developed the low torque bearing technology. The low torque grease has been developed by various fundamentals on tribo-meter along with design of low torque seal and optimization of internal geometry to improve fuel efficiency.

NBC has engineered fuel efficient bearing for transmission and wheel bearing application of two wheeler segments. These bearings have also been developed for other automotive segments (cars, trucks, tractors, etc.) Various other programs are underway as well and will be shared soon.

“As part of the aggressive growth plans our focus has been on building R& D capabilities through fundamental research, Partnerships, Patents, PHD’s & Expats. We believe in providing value added products to our customers by creating less friction, more powerful and integrated solutions, said Mr. Srini Dampur; Vice President Research & Development; NBC.

Adding to this, Mr. Sanjeev Taparia, Sr. VP Marketing, NBC says, “Going forward export will be the important area for NBC to become a global player and continuous innovations and technological advancement will boost the confidence among key customers in India as well as abroad”

He also added, “ Fuel efficient bearing have been supplied to one of the leading motorcycle manufacturer in India having lesser friction about 15-20% which benefits customer with increased fuel efficiency”

Today, the Indian bearing industry is estimated at more than Rs. 70 billion. Traditionally, most bearing companies focus on how to make acceptable performance bearings at a competitive cost. However, with the changing industry dynamics and increasing consumer demands, NBC is working on fuel-efficient bearings that will reduce friction and will find its niche in the market.

About NBC
National Engineering Industries Ltd,(Known as NBC) is a flagship company of C.K. Birla group, manufactures a wide range of bearings for automotive and railway industry as well as for general industrial applications under the brand name NBC Bearings. NBC was founded in the year 1946 as a pioneer industry in the field of bearing manufacture. Currently, NBC manufactures nearly 100 Million Bearings per annum in over 1000 different sizes ranging from 6 mm bore to 1300 mm outer diameter with capability to manufacture bearing up to 2000 mm diameter.

NBC, is one of the leading and fastest growing bearings manufacture and exporters in India with a gross annual turnover of Rs. 1216 crore in 2011-12. It enjoys a domestic market share of 25%. NBC Ltd. has been awarded the coveted 2010 Deming Application Prize, by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE), Japan, for achieving distinctive performance improvement through the application of Total Quality Management (TQM).The Deming medal confirms that the quality management systems are one of the best globally. NBC has also received ACMA awards for Excellence in Technology and Manufacturing for the year 2011-12