New Maruti Alto 800 small car in 3 petrol and 3 CNG variants all under Rs 4 lakhs price range

Maruti Suzuki India Limited has unveiled their new Alto 800. The vehicle is sportier, more spacious and above all has a higher level of fuel efficiency which is at 15% more than its predecessor which is what will endear it to Indian buyers besides the fact that it is being offered in 3 petrol and 3 CNG variants as well. Fuel efficiency stands at 22.74 kmpl which along with its external features, internal appearance and superior performance will appeal to the cost conscious, appearance centric buyers in the country.

To ensure overall success of the new Alto 800, Maruti Suzuki and its vendors have invested Rs.470 crores in its development. The vehicle is being produced from the company plant in Gurgaon. Alto 800 will possess a 796cc engine displacement with power at 48PS at 6000rpm while peak torque is at 69 Nm at 3500 rpm. The vehicle will stand on a 2360mm wheelbase and measure 1475mm in height while ground clearance is at 160mm.

Exterior features of the new Alto 800 are noteworthy. They include chrome grille, signature S logo, sloping roof, sturdy wheel arches and well designed tail and head lamps. Interiors will be done up in two color options of Frost Brown and Granite Grey and will have a three spoke steering wheel, an ergonomic positioned dashboard while additional led room is increased by 15mm and boot space of 177 liters.


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  • vivek

    is it available with both CNG and Petrol

  • deepa

    I am unhappy with
    the built quality of the Alto 800. It’s mediocre. I guess that’s the reason
    Maruti has its service centers spread over the country.

    • pravin

      I trust the quality of TATA. They have been serving us for so
      many years now. For a small car set at such an affordable price I think it has
      got quality in abundance. I really like my new Nano.

  • amit

    Speeding up is an issue with the Alto 800. Touch 80kmph and you’ll feel as though you’re gonna
    end up upside down.

    • prasad

      I don’t need to reach top speeds with my Nano unless and
      until I reach my destination. This car is quite smooth & gives me a decent
      burst of speed. Had a great weekend drive!

  • Guest

    Driving an Alto 800 is no different from driving the maruti 800 with a/c. Considerable amount of power is consumed once you turn on the a/c. That’s quite a turn off.