All that glitters is the new Mercedes Benz star

Buyers of the new Mercedes Benz cars, C Class and above, can now wish upon a new star. Mercedes Benz has a new accessory for you to shine in the crowd.

All that glitters is the new Mercedes Benz star (1)

Mercedes Benz Accessories GmbH will be placing an illuminated central grill three pointed star on all its upcoming C Class vehicles and above. The glowing star is being offered by on Mercedes Benz M, GL, C, CLS and E-Class models.

This glitter will be due to the use of special optic fiber with LED technology. However this shine is not continuous as the star gets illuminated only when the vehicle is in stationery position, when the vehicle is being unlocked or when the engine is stopped. The star will also light up when boot or doors are opened and dim in 15 seconds on closing. The illuminated star is already seen on the Mercedes Benz M Class and GL Class while it will make its way to the C Class, CLS and E Class in the not too distant future.

The luminous star will be priced at €300 ($394 or INR 21,000). We are not yet sure if this is being offered in India as of now, as we await a reply from MB India.

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