Park Avenue Ultimate Alpha Ride on facebook page offers 5 lucky winners an Ariel Atom ride

A ride in one of the fastest cars in the world “Ariel Atom” is what Park Avenue, Raymond’s grooming brand has on offer for Park…

A ride in one of the fastest cars in the world “Ariel Atom” is what Park Avenue, Raymond’s grooming brand has on offer for Park Avenue Facebook fans. Atom v/s You is available on the company’s Facebook page where fans can participate in the game wherein users are given a chance to participate in taking a shot at Ariel Atom’s record 100 kmph in 2.9 seconds.

The race is timed, addictive and competitive and will find favor with speed hungry users. It is not only a test of speed but also of wit, and hence users also need to possess a keen sense of humor. Once lap time is recorded users have to submit a witty retort to the reason why they are worthy of a ride in the Ariel Atom. From the host of users who will participate in this contest there will only be 5 luck winners who will be privileged to take a spin in the Ariel Atom across a professional race track.

Ariel Atom is the fastest open wheel street legal car in the world. It clocks 100 kmph in 2.9 seconds and possesses 245 bhp power. Ariel Atom is the handiwork of Nic Smart, a transport design student at Coventry University. The car has no doors and no roof and is fitted with a standard Honda powered Atom V8 engine. Cost of this adrenalin fuelled vehicle is ÂŁ124,850 + VAT and only 25 such cars are being made. Park Avenue Facebook fans currently number 100,000 which shows the overwhelming response this competition has garnered among speed loving fans in India.

India auto news release: Park Avenue Grooming Presents The Ultimate Alpha Ride

Park Avenue, Raymond’s personal grooming brand, has unveiled its one-of-a-kind offering – a ride on one of the fastest cars in the world, the Ariel Atom.

The Ultimate Alpha Ride by Park Avenue takes exhilaration to the next level by unleashing the Ariel Atom. The ride begins at Atom v/s You, on Park Avenue’s facebook page where fans get a taste of the exciting speed the Ariel Atom has to offer. The uniquely designed game gives users a chance to take a shot at Atom’s record of hitting 100KMPH in 2.9 seconds. The race pits you against the clock and very quickly you will find yourself hitting the spacebar with all the energy you can muster. The game is as addictive as speed itself.

After the lap timings are recorded, users have to submit a witty reason as to why they deserve to ride the Ariel Atom. 5 lucky winners of the contest will enjoy the highly enviable privilege of getting a spin on the Ariel Atom at a professional race track.

Speaking at the launch of the contest, Mr. Anil Kulkarni Business Director, JK Helene Curtis said, “The Park Avenue Grooming Range has earned a reputation of being one of the best in the industry. Our every pursuit is driven by the need to enrich our consumer’s life. We do this, by not just providing international standard products, but also by giving experiences which our fans can cherish throughout their lives. The Ultimate Alpha Ride is an extension of this belief. Riding on the Ariel Atom is truly mesmerizing; to be that close to such fierce speed is an adrenaline explosion. This adrenaline treat is our way of thanking our fans who have supported, participated and appreciated all our efforts in the past and will continue to do so.”

Touted as the fastest open wheel street legal car in the world, the Ariel Atom has already got adventure seekers & speed fanatics around the country buzzing. And the attention it is getting is fully deserved; the Ariel Atom clocks 100kmph in an unbelievable span of 2.9 seconds and boasts of 245bhp of raw horsepower. It is uniquely designed as an exoskeleton with its chassis prominently visible from the outside. It has no roof or windows which lets you experience unbridled speed at its best. Designed by a Coventry University transport design student, Nik Smart, the Ariel Atom has already garnered a cult following across the globe.

Its popularity in India can be gauged from the overwhelming response the contest has garnered from Park Avenue’s facebook fans, the number of which currently stands over 100,000.

The Ariel Atom has surely caught the imagination of the public at large. We highly encourage you to go ahead and give it a shot yourself and the highly coveted vacant seat could be yours.

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