Petrol or diesel car? VW Golf a good buy in Germany

Buying cars often perplexes buyers. Deciding between petrol or diesel is influenced by car use, and the common notion points to diesel being a preference for those who drive a lot.

Petrol or Diesel

For others, petrol vehicles should suffice. This stems from the fact that diesel-powered wheels use upto 25% less fuel. Car prices reflect buyer choices. In terms of purchase price, insurance, and running (operational) cost, petrol powered cars are often cheaper.

Based on car type in Germany, a diesel-powered car is worth the additional investment if annual mileage exceeds 15,000 kilometres. Truth is both powertrains offer individual strengths in varying vehicle classes, and when buying, drivers should consider more than just annual mileage.

A modern petrol powertrain makes affordable compact cars efficient. At the same time, an advanced diesel powertrain keeps fuel consumption low and driev quality high in a big station wagon says Dr. Rolf Bulander, member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH.

Responsiveness of modern petrol powertrains stand out in thoroughbred sports cars, max torque output of a diesel powertrain is best for large SUVs.