Virgin’s Richard Branson talks about commercial planes travelling at 30,500 kmph

Sir Richard Branson, English business magnate, investor and founder of UK based Virgin Group, wishes to develop hypersonic commercial planes that are so fast that passengers will be able to travel from New York to Tokyo in less than an hour.

commercial planes travelling at 30,500 kmph

Not content with the launch of SpaceShipTwo which will send LauncherOne into space for tourist flights, it is now hypersonic commercial planes that Mr Branson seeks to introduce. These planes, according to Sir Richard Branson, will be capable of travel at a speed of 19,000 mph (over 30,500 kmph). Though orbitally, this is way faster than the now redundant Concorde, which in its hay days could travel between New York and London in just three hours.

Branson recalls the time of his interview on children’s television when he was questioned by a young caller named Shihan on Going Live! It was this interview that prompted to Virgin boss to contemplate space travel.

It was due to this inspiration that Branson’s Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo came into existence. This spaceship can accommodate six persons and two pilots and is now in its final stages of development. Till date, 700 persons have signed up for the space journey which includes Branson himself, his family and a host of Hollywood stars.

via Daily Mail

richard branson with his Formula e team

Sir Richard Branson poses with his Formula E team