Porsche Cayenne turbo crashes in India

When it comes to expensive cars crashing, it’s quite a new phenomenon in India. Seldom yes, but not unheard of. Here’s a casualty from earlier this month, a white Porsche Cayenne turbo took quite a tumble in Bombay.

Porsche Cayenne turbo crash MumbaiThe Porsche Cayenne turbo that came into harm wasn’t putting its speed to test on a highway but did manage to hit a divider at high speed, enough to send it toppling. No one was hurt and airbags were engaged.

A tow service was at hand in quicktime to transport the now incapable vehicle for repair. Blighted on impact, a crushed bonnet and front windscreen blown to smithereens, the flat-bed tow truck was its only solace on this very dark and depressing night.

Porsche Cayenne turbo crashWhile flipping to land on its right, the headlights remained intact to provide the only ray of light. Luckily it wasn’t a reenactment of a high speed chase topple as the vehicle more or less skid to land sideways without actually flipping over multiple times. Visible damage was restricted to the front, sunroof and right. Tail lights shone on as the immovable Cayenne lay on its side, the rear windscreen still intact. The left too didn’t become a scratch fest. This isn’t the only cool car to crash come to a halt. Just yesterday, a valet in Delhi crashed a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.

Porsche Cayenne turbo crash India

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