Renault Duster for Army and Police parades in Romania

Renault’s Dacia Duster compact crossover, jointly produced by French automakers Renault and Romanian subsidiary Dacia since 2010, was the highlight of the traditional military parade held annually at ‘Arcul de Triumf’ located in northern part of Bucharest.

Renault Duster for Army and Police parades in Romania (1)

This special Duster SUV, modified for military use was showcased by Ministry of Defence on 1st December 2013, celebrating the Romanian national holiday. Called Duster Army, the car is outfitted with exclusive defence oriented features strictly adhering to standards set by NATO and Romanian Army.

Duster was first launched by Dacia, a subsidiary of Renault back in 2010. Today, it has become the best selling Renault car in the world. Speaking about the Duster Army, as it has been named, is designed and outfitted at the Renault Romanian engineering center RTR.

The special Dacia Duster receives an armoring system, improved protection for engine, gearbox, fuel tank and rear differential. It also sports removable winch, anchoring system for air transport and facility to tow military trailers. To set this model apart as an exclusive military oriented vehicle, the company has also designed black out and camouflaging system, a hold for machine guns mounted on top of the car and 12V and 24 V sockets.

Obviously engine would also need to be upgraded to take on added weight and extra features on board the Dacia Duster, but no details were revealed. The model was part of the military parade which also included two Duster police vehicles and special vehicles for firefighting and border police forces. (source)

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