Renault Duster SUV wins two more awards in 2012

Renault Duster SUV was introduced in the Indian auto industry earlier this year. Ever since its launch, the SUV has managed to create a stir….

Renault Duster SUV was introduced in the Indian auto industry earlier this year. Ever since its launch, the SUV has managed to create a stir. It has beaten Mahindra XUV500 and Scorpio as far as monthly sales are concerned. Duster has managed to amaze Red Bull driver Mark Webber and BBC Top Gear team. In the UK, Renault sells Duster under their Dacia brand. Earlier this month, Renault also announced that they have started exporting made in India Duster SUV’s to the UK and Ireland with Dacia badging.

Renowned British auto magazines – Top Gear and FHM (For Him Magazine) have awarded the Dacia Duster with two more awards. Dacia Duster which has received instant recognition even before the right hand drive versions could make their way into UK markets have already received 1,400 orders.  This highly affordable SUV was declared “Bargain of the Year 2012”.

For this the Top Gear team took the vehicle to the Cañón del Pato (Duck Canyon) in the Andes which is stated to be one of the most precarious and dangerous roads in the world. The SUV lived upto expectations proving its mettle while the team tackled this mountainous region. The Dacia Duster displayed its best ride handling balance resulting in the Top Gear team declaring it a winner. FHM put the Dacia Duster through similar ordeals to test its limit and performance.

Dacia Duster is priced at £8,995 and will be launched in UK markets from January 2013. It will be launched along with the Sandero supermini which will be priced at £5,995 while the Sandero Stepway supermini will be available in 2013 for just under £8,000. For more information, scroll down.

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Dacia Duster “sweeps up” two more awards

Just like its orderbank, Dacia’s Duster fanbase just keeps on climbing. This time, in less than a week, the “shockingly affordable” SUV’s chalked up awards from two of the UK’s best-known magazines, Top Gear and FHM.

Testing its talents to the limit as part of its ‘Bargain of the Year 2012’ award feature, the intrepid Top Gear team took a 4×4 version to one of the most dangerous roads in the world, the Cañón del Pato (Duck Canyon), in a Peruvian stretch of the Andes. Their simple conclusion? “No car in the world offers more freedom for your quid than the Dacia Duster.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

After a dizzying trip ascending the narrow, dimly lit Peruvian roads, the plaudits continued with, “I’m pretty sure it nails the ride-handling balance better than cars at many times its price”. Or, simply, “we have subjected this simple, brilliant little car to punishment beyond anything that even Britain’s most abused Defender has endured.”

Acknowledging the tough economic times, FHM had a similar thought process. Awarding it ‘Best for when you’re short on cash’, the plaudits came thick and fast, “as the economic fog swirls down our deserted high streets, theDacia Duster arrives as a car of its time”. Or, our particular favourite, “it’s big, robust and good-looking”.

Every model in the Dacia range offers impressive value-for-money. For the UK, Duster, priced from only £8,995 on-the-road will be joined in January 2013 by the Sandero supermini. The country’s most affordable new car, it kicks off at just £5,995. The adventurous Sandero Stepway supermini crossover is available to order from 1stJanuary, again with a jaw-dropping price tag, prior to joining the fold in May. From a little under £8,000.

Dacia has already taken 1,400 orders for Duster, even before any right-hand-drive versions have docked in the UK.