Renault small car for India at Rs 2 lakhs to be launched by 2014

Renault, the French car maker, announced four years back, that they will develop a small car in association with Bajaj Auto and Nissan, which will compete with Tata Nano, a low budget car that was first announced in 2008 as an INR 1 lakh car ($1,794). Tata introduced Nano into the Indian auto industry by 2009. Over the last four years, Nano has managed to maintain its status as the world’s cheapest car.

Meanwhile, all the buzz over Renault Nissan Bajaj had fizzled out as it was revealed that Renault was not happy with what Bajaj had developed in the form of a small car. So Renault backed out of the project. But the demand for small cars exists, recently launched Maruti Alto 800 clocked 44,000+ bookings within 30 days of launch and Renault is keen on developing a small car for India.

Back in August this year, it was reported that Renault will develop a new small car codenamed ‘Entry A’, with 800 cc engine christened ‘B4A’, that delivers 20 kmpl mileage. On the same lines, Automotive News Europe has now reported that Renault is going to partner with Nissan and manufacture two low priced cars, one will be priced at €3,000 ($3,888 or INR 2.16 lakhs) and the other for €5,000 ($6,400 or INR 3.60 lakhs).

This Renault Nissan small car here, is priced between Tata Nano and Maruti Alto 800. Once launched, it will compete in the small car segment of the Indian auto industry. Renault will launch both these small cars in India by 2014 and they will be manufactured at their plant in Chennai. It will be a four seater and will not be launched in Europe.

Source: AutoNews Europe