Renault RCI Banque India launch 2014 to finance Datsun alliance

Drive 4B, a new RCI Banque growth plan for 2014-2016 capitalizes on achievements made and finds its base in Renault’s transformation. The strategy is focussed to benefit Renault Alliances and is concerted to infuse Renault’s growth plan “Drive the Change”.

As per 2014-2016 plan, RCI Banque launches its business in India in 2014. Plans include expansion of operations in Colombia, and preparations for China. In 2014, RCI Banque will begin financing Datsun, a new Alliance brand in Russia, and then in India.


Dominique Thormann, Chairman and CEO of RCI Banque said, “In 2013, RCI Banque confirmed its growth momentum, achieving a ten-year record and maintaining a high financial performance. The company reduced its dependence on the capital markets thanks to retail savings deposits collected, which represented 17% of outstandings at end-December. The second phase of our strategic plan will see a growing global automotive market combined with more services related to automobile use. RCI Banque will continue to help grow Alliance brand sales and seek to meet motorists’ needs in ever-more effective ways”.