Road safety In India and the need for betterment

When noting road safety in India or rather the lack of it, it is noted that the motto ‘Pehele AAP’ would go a long way in solving this epidemic which is plaguing the nation. It may be noted that India has the highest road traffic accidents and subsequent deaths due to road accidents with 15 to 20 persons losing their lives every hour.


With 15 to 20 persons losing their lives due to road accidents in India every hour, this works out to over 140,000 deaths per year. An even greater number of people are severely injured, lose limbs and are left disabled for life due to not taking into account road safety precautions. This is not taking into account those accidents, deaths and injuries that have not been reported.

A recent study conducted by World Health Organization states that on Indian roads two wheeler accidents were at 32% while only 50% of riders wear helmets and 10% of passengers wear seat belts. Two and four wheeler users in India have been noted to throw caution to the wind when taking to the streets. Non use of helmets, not wearing seatbelts, not observing speed limits, driving under influence of alcohol and use of mobile phones while at the wheel are some of the causes of road accidents, not to leave out ‘Might is Right’ attitude and an air of ‘Survival of the Fittest’.

Road rage is another malady that needs to be taken into account while assessing the reasons for such an alarming rate of road accidents in India. The Central Government has tried to introduce some new amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act which are unfortunately not strictly enforced. A total chance in mindset of the public is what is needed which will go a long way in reducing the incidents of road accidents and fatalities on the road to a great extent.