Rolls Royce opens first ever showroom in Latin America and one in London as well

Expanding its reach in global markets, Rolls Royce has opened its first showroom in Latin America at Sao Paolo, Brazil. The showroom is spread over 500 sq meters and is designed to provide clientele with a relaxed atmosphere when they come in to purchase the car of their choice.

Glass and wood has been used effectively to maximize usage of natural light. Leather, veneer, carpet samples and bespoke utilities peculiar to Rolls Royce vehicles are also on display in the Customer Lounge space. The opening was followed by a cocktail party which included drinks and music and was attended by a number of VIP’s.

Apart from the Brazil inauguration, the brand also opened its refurbished Berkeley Square showroom in London. This showroom is one of the best dealerships of this company. During the vent, the Phantom Coupe Aviator was showcased and there were a very select few who could take in the beauty of this awesome vehicle. Aluminum transmission tunnel, mahogany veneer and an aviation grade clock are the highlights of this vehicle. There will be only 35 units of this model which will be manufactured and the bespoke options one can choose from are varied.


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