Saudi King orders a five star railway station

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah wants to build a new six line rail network which is to come up in the capital of Riyadh within a span of four years. It’s design has been created by London based architect Zaha Hadid, which you see in the image gallery here.

Saudi King orders a five star railway station (1)

This new railway station will be no less than a five star hotel. It is planned keeping in mind the harsh desert sun of Saudi Arabia. The new railway station will possess marble passages and gold plated walls in a state of the art space design, reports DailyMail.

This six line network will be built in double quick time as per the King Abdullah’s orders and should be completed in a maximum period of four years, the same amount of time that builders renovated just one station in New York. The station will have raised escalators air conditioners and will spell opulence at every turn while its overall design will be based on Saudi Arabian windswept sand dunes.

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