Schumacher accident spot revealed in air-lift video

The spot from which Michael Schumacher was air-lifted via helicopter in the French Alps, is now revealed in a new video. 7 time world champion, Schumacher met with an accident on Sunday afternoon, while he was skiing with his son.

He was with his family, staying at the luxurious Meribel resort in the French Alps. It is revealed that he was skiing at speeds of upto 60 mph when he met with accident. At the time of accident, Schumacher was wearing a helmet.

Schumacher turns 45 next Friday. He is currently in a state of medically induced coma and is battling for his life at the University Hospital Center of Grenoble. The doctor’s have refused to predict an outcome and have maintained that his condition is critical.

Schumacher accident place revealed in air-lift video