Sebastian Vettel secures third consecutive win with 2012 Korean Grand Prix

The Korean Grand Prix held on Sunday October 13th saw Sebastian Vettel lead at the Formula 1 world champions making it his third consecutive win at the Korean GP. Webber, who was in pole position, lost the lead to Vettel and both REnault drivers finished the race at 1-2. Vettel now takes the drivers’ championship leading by 6 points. His Renault powered Red Bull Racing led by 8.2 seconds over Mark Webber resulting in a Red Bull – Renault 1:2 finish. This takes the Renault victories to 149.

Kimi Raikkonen finished 5th while Romain Grosjean finished 7th overall ensuring a double point victory for the team. Red Bull Racing now lead in the constructors’ championships to 367 while Ferrari are on 290. Lotus is in fourth place with 29 points behind McLaren while Williams is in 8th place and Caterham in 11th. Where drivers’ positions are concerned Vettel has 215 points followed by Alonso at 167, Hamilton at 153 points while Webber is at 152 points.

The 200th pole position for Mark Webber yesterday ensured victory for Renault, however the same cannot be said for Williams and Caterham who have a tough job ahead before the Indian Gran Prix gets off to a start at the end of this month.


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