Segway and Vespa make Zero Scooter

Zero Scooters from Bel & Bel are actually made with real parts from Vespa to give it a touch of class.These parts are procured from Vespa manufacturers Piaggio & Co. SpA which ensure that the Segway receives a complete makeover.

Zero Scooters, the two wheeled wonder designed by Bel & Bel is lightweight, compact and efficient, capable of climbing slopes upto 30 degrees and turning 360 degrees on the spot due to two independent motors. The model has a travel distance of upto 30-35 km (18.6-21.7 miles) on a single charge, while speeds can go all the way upto 20 kmph (12.4 mph). Zero scooter can carry a weight upto 130 kgs and is powered by twin 1.34 hp electric motor and uses a lithium-ion 36-42V 2000W battery, and 2 x 1000W motor.

Segway Vespa Zero Scooter

Each of these models is made to order as per customer’s demands and can take the company anywhere upto six weeks to complete an order. Reasonably priced at £2,400 (US$ 3,910,INR 2,43,193) shows that the new Zero Scooters are as impressive in price as expected performance.

Design company, Bel&Bel, have stated that  Segway with Vespa parts is designed for better balance, is environmentally friendly and almost silent. It can be ordered in a variety of colors and finishes, while the steering column can be modified for users of varying heights while designers are sure that users will be able to master this vehicle in a matter of 10 minutes.