Shell lubricating fluids run a Ferrari even before it hits the road

Ferrari is known for its classy sport vehicles which are known to achieve high speeds when in use. In order to ensure that these vehicles…

Ferrari is known for its classy sport vehicles which are known to achieve high speeds when in use. In order to ensure that these vehicles don’t run into problems Shell fluids are used on a wide spread basis to oil and lubricate engines and moving parts in the vehicle. This can be seen at the Maranello facility of Ferrari where products of Shell like hydraulic fluids, slideway oils, gear oils and circulating oils are used on a daily basis.

These products have been designed to stand up to trials and tribulations which plague these racing machines. When used these oils and greases help reduce friction and improve efficiency of the engine considerably. Slideway oils play a crucial role in manufacture of Formula 1 and GT car variants. These lubricating hydraulic oils and greases are not only used for maintaining Ferrari cars, they are widely used for lubrication of assembly units in the factory which are programmed to work for long hours without a break.

Shell products are not only a god send for Ferrari cars but also its manufacturing facility which if not maintained in a proper way can cause a number of problems which lead to equipment damage and decrease in manufacturing capacity.

Auto news release: Shell Support for the Ferrari Factory

Shell’s range of industrial lubricants, fluids and greases are used by Ferrari to keep one of the most technically-advanced factories in the world in peak condition

– At its factory in Maranello, Italy, Ferrari uses a wide portfolio of Shell products including: Shell Gadus greases, Shell Morlina bearing and circulating oils, Shell Omala gear oils, Shell Tellus hydraulic fluid and Shell Tonna slideway oils

It is a commonly known fact that Shell’s Technical Partnership with Ferrari has its roots in the 1930s, when Shell first began developing racing fuels and oils for the race track. What is less well known is that today behind the factory gates in Maranello, much of the state-of-the-art machinery used by Ferrari to build some of the most coveted cars in the world, is kept in peak condition with the support of Shell’s range of lubricants, greases and fluids.

What each of these products has in common is that they are designed to withstand high workloads and demanding work cycles, ideal for their application within Ferrari where they help to reduce friction, minimize energy loss and maintain efficiency.

Shell’s first point of interaction in the manufacturing of cars for the road or race track comes long before a Ferrari reaches the production line. In fact the Shell Tonna range of slideway oils plays a key role during the machining of parts destined for the inside of the Formula One or GT cars.

“A machine lubricant must allow the machine tool slides to operate to the highest degree of accuracy – one of Ferrari’s prerequisites. In addition to this, the lubricant needs to operate alongside the soluble cutting fluids, which the machines use, without diluting or reducing performance. We developed a product that lubricates the cutting tools while offering good anti- wear performance, thereby reducing downtime for servicing, and good protection against possible corrosion caused by the cutting fluids. Shell Tonna provides exactly this.”
Ing. Mario Almondo, Director of Production Processes

Shell’s role in the manufacturing process is not simply one of lubricating the tools; Ferrari’s Technical Partner also supplies a blend of Shell Tellus hydraulic fluid for factory machinery too. The factory’s hydraulic systems depend on reliable, consistent high performance. As a critical part of the production line, Ferrari’s systems are precisely calibrated to work at full capacity for as long as possible. In the case of the machining tools, this focuses attention on reliability, efficiency and productivity making the choice of the correct hydraulic fluid very important.

Using poor quality fluid can have dramatic consequences on a machine and its performance – including equipment damage which, in turn, leads to longer downtime for increased maintenance. Most critical of all is perhaps the loss of precision, which a lower-quality hydraulic fluid can engender.

As well as lubricating the machine cutting tools and supplying hydraulic fluid, Shell also plays an important role in lubricating the moving parts of the many machines in the Ferrari factory by providing Shell Omala gear oils, Shell Gadus greases and Shell Morlina bearing and circulating oils.

“Shell’s products protect the moving parts of some of the most important manufacturing processes allowing Ferrari to build some of the best supercars in the world without unscheduled interruption. The portfolio of Shell Gadus greases and Shell Morlina oils, which are used in the factory machinery, helps optimise efficiency. Furthermore when using the Shell Omala gear oils, significantly less wear within the moving gears themselves has been seen.”
Ing. Mario Almondo, Director of Production Processes

“Ferrari faces many of the same challenges as most engineering companies in the world – namely needing to run at full capacity for as long as possible. Time lost through maintenance is costly and we can work with Ferrari to minimise this. Collaborating with a company like Ferrari means we can develop products for the consumer alongside one of the worlds most forward looking and demanding engineering companies.”
Cara Tredget, Shell Technology Manager for Ferrari