Skoda Octavia 1st gen video review at 800,000 kms

How will a car perform after it has been driven for lakhs of kilometers? To be precise, the car we are talking about here is a first generation Skoda Octavia, which has already clocked over 804,000 kms and is about 12 years old. Watch the video above and amaze yourself.

The first generation Skoda Octavia was introduced in 1996. By the time it was launched in India, it was 2001. Once launched in India, the Octavia was a game-changer straight-away. It not only offered best in class power and mileage, but also offered best in class premium features and space. Below is a collection of images of 1st gen Skoda Octavia standing next to the latest generation Octavia.

old octavia vs new octavia 1

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