Smart ForStars electric concept drive-in cinema at 2012 Paris Auto Show

Smart ForStars concept car comes with its own cinema projector which is built into the bonnet. The vehicle is a state of the art electric vehicle that not only enables passengers to view movies at the click of a button but ensures that it can also control playback from an iPhone. The iPhone also controls internal temperature of the vehicle and can act as a rear view mirror.

This versatile electric vehicle made its entrance at the Paris Motor Show and was seen with its projector in the bonnet while any clear surface in front of it can act as a screen. This electric vehicle is one of the company’s most economically priced vehicles which are quick, emission free and enjoyable all at the same time. Chargeable through a domestic socket, the powerful battery and integrated projector can make any area a drive in cinema.

Sound system is situated in ventilation openings behind the doors. It possesses a glass roof, while the iPhone also acts as a rear view mirror so that the driver can keep track of what is happening at the rear through an integrated video camera. Smart ForStars possesses a lithium ion battery with 80 hp electric motor and 17.6 kWh battery offering 127 lb/ft torque and is capable of a top speed of 130 kmph. Pricing and release dates are still unknown.


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