Suzuki iM-4 SUV concept unveiled, gets 4×4 hybrid powertrain – Video

Suzuki iM-4 is the Japanese carmaker’s vision into the future of compact mobility, as the demand for petite crossovers grows. The mini 4×4 car is said to continue the company’s legacy in crossover and SUV world kicked off by Vitara (in 1988) and SX4 (in 2006).

Suzuki iM-4 SUV
The idea behind Suzuki iM-4 is to create an inspirationally compact vehicle with features of bigger boys, not forgetting the importance for mileage and CO2 emissions.

Exterior features like 18-inch wheels, flared bumpers and side body moulding adds to the rugged appeal of the urban mini SUV. Interior space and luggage room are also considered to enable stowage of luggage of an entire family.

The easy to drive-around compact model is given as much attention to performance and capability when it comes to weekend trips and adventures, by offering (4-Wheel Drive) 4WD system and high ground clearance (also high hip point).

Suzuki’s new-generation platform that underpins the iM-4 allows use of SHVS mild hybrid system (mated to 1.2L Dualjet engine) to tout the crossover as an eco friendly car, apart from providing above average stiffness and commendable NVH levels, according to the company. The Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki (SHVS) incorporates Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) to assist the engine, drawing power from lithium-ion batteries. Regenerative braking is also included in the hybrid system.