Tata Motors to use JLR expertise on all new cars?

After registering decline in sales for years together, due to non-competitive products, Tata Motors has finally decided to take assistance of their British company, JLR where design and development of new cars and engines is concerned.

tata jlr suv

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Tata Motors aims to launch two new cars every year in order to regain lost market share due to entry of new products from competitors. Last week it was revealed that Tata Motors plans to use JLR expertise on two of their new SUVs which are due for launch in 2017. Apart from these two SUVs, it is now revealed that Tata will also use JLR expertise in their sedans and other cars as well as new engines.

Though Tata Motors and JLR operate in different segments with Tata Motors catering to the mainline car market and JLR with a marked presence in the luxury segment, the two companies will share design and development synergies for their mutual advantage. Tata Motors will be adopting JLR techniques right from the stage of gauging customer’s demands and utilizing this feedback in the development of new models.

Tata Motors will also be working independently on a new engine development at the company’s Powertrain Development Center in Pune while will also get an insight in the new family of Ingenium engines developed by JLR. These Ingenium high performance, low friction petrol and diesel engines promise lower fuel consumption and lower cost of ownership. They will be first seen in the Jaguar XE sedan and Land Rover Discover Sport SUV, both due for launch in 2015.

via Times of India