Tata Nano Twist launch pushes Nano sales up 10-15%

When Tata Motors rolled out their ‘world’s cheapest car’, Nano in 2009, the company though it would change the lives of millions of buyers in India and would appealing to the middle class due to its low price tag.

Tata Nano Twist sales

However somewhere along the way, the Nano failed to entice buyers and sales have been sluggish ever since, due to image of poor quality, power constraints and mediocre fuel efficiency. 

Tata has a capacity to produce 240,000 units from their new Sanand plant, which was set-up mainly to produce Nano. But, the demand for Nano has been dismal. For the fiscal 2013/14, Tata Nano sales declined to a record low of 21,129 units, including a particular month when just 509 Nano’s were sold. This from 53,848 units sold in 2012-13.

Tata Motors now wish to set things right with the launch of Nano Twist which debuted earlier this year. The company is trying to sell the new Twist as a ‘cool’ car, drawing attention to its outstanding new features and not so ‘cheap’ price tag. Nano Twist comes in at a cost of about Rs 2.60 lakhs (on-road, Pune), which is a little less than the price of India’s best selling car – Maruti Suzuki Alto.

Tata Nano parked at Sanand plant.The new Twist receives features such as power steering, stereo with Bluetooth technology and remote keyless entry thus trying to be extra appealing to younger and more affluent customers. As of now, the launch of Nano Twist has added abut 10-15% more sales to the Nano line-up. However, it remains to be seen if Tata Motors can grab a share of the pie from other automaker such as Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai and Chevrolet who are offering similar sized vehicles with better features.

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via New York Times