Tata owned JLR plant in UK to be visited by Prince Charles

Prince Charles will be paying a visit to the Jaguar Land Rover plant in UK. This will not be the first time that a JLR plant will have a high profile guest. Back in Dec 2012, Prime Minister David Brown visited the JLR plant in Solihull.

David Brown visiting JLR Solihumm plant

The visit is being scheduled to warn that Britain may lose its reputation as a standard bearer of quality manufacturing unless the youth of the country are guided through nuances of entrepreneurship.

Next in line to the throne in Britain, Prince Charles has sensed the danger of the country losing its reputation at the forefront of manufacturing and engineering. He has hence planned this visit to the company’s Halewood plant on Merseyside, North West England. This is a part of a program being undertaken to champion the Best of British engineering and manufacturing in UK. Prince Charles cites the urgent need to steer more youngsters towards industrial activities to continue with the country’s proud heritage.

In the meanwhile, earlier this month, Jaguar Land Rover had announced creation of 800 production jobs at its plant in Solihull. The West Midland plant has over 6,000 people employed in the production of Range Rover Discovery and Defender models.