Team Germany wins BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2012

Team Germany has been victorious at the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2012. France has come in second and Italy is in third place. The team…

Team Germany has been victorious at the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2012. France has come in second and Italy is in third place. The team entered the grand finale with an 18 point lead. Bad weather failed to dampen spirits which saw the team participate through final trial tests in slippery road conditions.

Day 7 of the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2012 held at the lakeside resort of Magma Lodge in Pucón, Chile while riders had to tackle off road conditions at 1500 meters above sea level just short of the snow lime of a 2840 meter volcano. The test involved crossing a rope bridge with each team member being given a plastic cup filled to the brim with water and they were asked to cross the cable bridge and come back again after which the levels of water in the cups were gauged according to fastest time and least amount of spillage. Here Team France came in the lead while Team Germany was in third place.

The GS Trophy involved an adventure through over 2000 kms of treacherous mountainous terrain in the Patagonia mountains of Chile and Argentina over a 7 day period. Teams had to not only deal with rain and slippery road conditions but also searing sun, clouds of dust and humid rainforest weather conditions through most of this period. The end result was in Team Germany’s favor as they were declared winners of the 2012 edition of GS Trophy.

Auto news release: BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2012, day 7, final day. Team Germany win the GS Trophy.
Team Germany have won the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2012. Coming into the final day with a solid 18-point advantage, they remained steady and consistent through to the very last test to make sure they took victory. It was a test of nerves as well today, as rain through the afternoon meant the title-deciding final trials test was very slippery – and with double points on offer, one false move could have ruined their chances.

Day seven had started at the lakeside resort of Magma Lodge in Pucón, Chile, with an early detour to visit the volcano Villarica, where the riders ascended off-road to about 1500 metres above sea level, just below the snow line of the 2840 metre volcano.

The riders then travelled north stopping off for a special test called the Indiana Jones that involved crossing a rope bridge with full cups of water – looking for a fast time with minimum spillage. Here Team France found the right combination to take the win, ahead of Team CEEU, while Team Germany were able to limit damage to their lead with a third place.

After this came a technical riding section of 150km, on gravel roads, as the course weaved through valleys and forestry, some of it petrified by recent volcanic activity.

The GS Trophy’s arrival at the Trailanqui Resort in the afternoon signalled the end of the circuitous adventure that took in nearly 2000 kilometres over seven days of riding in the Patagonian mountain regions of Chile and Argentina.

A remarkable journey of discovery with nearly every extreme of weather, from searing sun and choking dust on day one, through to the saturating wetness of the rainforest on day five.

However, the event was far from over with the two last tests to come. The first involved pulling an ancient horse cart with an R 1200 GS – something all but two of the teams achieved without penalty. This was followed by the traditional GS Trophy curtain closer – the trials test. Here Team USA took a surprise win, but in placing second, ahead of France in third, the German team were confirmed the winners of the 2012 edition of the GS Trophy.

Tobi Weiser, Team Germany: “I could start crying, that is for sure, words can’t describe the feeling, it is just wonderful.


“Before we came we didn’t have a clue that we could win. Even in the first days we could not see how we could win – to see the French guys riding so well we were not sure we were of that level or how we could match them.

“What I can say is that I love the GS Trophy, because we’ve met so many beautiful people, beautiful friends in this one week, it’s amazing, I love it. This morning I said before we started, ‘it’s not important to win, we got here, we had fun and it is what it is.’”

Heiner Faust, head of sales and  marketing BMW Motorrad:

“The GS Trophy is a big part of the culture of our company, for our GS customers, our GS community and GS friends. And so it’s been amazing to see these people riding through these amazing countries, over the rough trails, through the rainforests and the amazing scenery – and most importantly having fun together. This means a lot for us.”

Tomm Wolf, GS Trophy co- organiser:

“It was unbelievable, after the huge pressure and four months of hard work on location, it’s great to have seen the group ride through our event, it´s unbelievable. When I came here I didn’t think it was possible to put on an event as good as this, but now it’s over and all the riders – except Marc-André Octeau who was injured on day three – have come back safely. That is an achievement.”

 GS Trophy 2012

Final standings after seven days:

1. Germany                                                          256 pts

2. France                                                              238

3. Italy                                                                   222

4. Argentina                                                         215

5. Alps                                                                   202

6. USA                                                                  201

7. Canada                                                             197

8. CEEU                                                                196

9. UK                                                                     188

10. Latin America                                                181

11. South Africa                                                  178

12. Russia                                                            149

13. Brazil                                                               120

14. Spain                                                              109

15. Japan                                                             89


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