Toyota GT86 sports car now with LSD Doors

On display at the 2012 Essen Motor Show, Toyota GT86 is seen with LSD Doors. These are upgrade kits for Lambo style doors offering precise…

On display at the 2012 Essen Motor Show, Toyota GT86 is seen with LSD Doors. These are upgrade kits for Lambo style doors offering precise fit, adjustable roller guide and a high level of precision while opening and closing. Specially designed for GT86, these LSD hinged doors are available with a kit along with cable set, mounting material, accessories and German TUV certification.

These fittings for doors are so precise that one would think that they came out of their Japanese factory with them in place. LSD doors are made in Germany, and can be easily installed and fit to perfection. LSD doors for the GT86 even come with gas springs to cope with the weight of the doors.

Advanced in technology and made of the highest possible quality besides being tested by Federal Office of Motor Vehicles means that these doors are as safe as standard doors. Being fitted with swing arm on LSD doors, means that these doors are guided by a roller during the entire operation. These LSD doors for GT 86 models are available on order at specialist dealers while they are still under development for Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S.

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“LSD-Doors” available for Toyota GT86

Fichtenberg (Germany), December 7th, 2012 – At the Essen Motor Show LSD-Doors presented an Toyota GT86 with the famous LSD-Doors hinges. The upgrade kits for the “Lambo doors effect” convince by their exact fit, the adjustable roller guide and the high precision when opening and closing the doors. By the locking of the LSD hinge swing arm, in the open status an excellent stability is ensured. For the Toyota GT86 the LSD-hinges are available as a kit with cable set, mounting material, accessories and German TÜV certificate.

At the sleek Toyota GT86, the LSD fittings for the doors seem as perfect as if the Japanese sportscar has been equipped from factory with the popular LSD-Doors. The LSD doors „Made in Germany“ impress with their three-dimensional adjustment possibility, the easy installation at the original mounting points and the accurate fit. With the adjustable roller guidance of the Guided Roller System (GRS), an exact opening and closing of the doors is guaranteed. The swing arm of the LSD hinges will be guided with a roller during the entire movement.

A gas spring which matches the weight of the door, keeps it in position in the complete opened status. Proven in daily life: With the LSD hinges, the original doors open first outwards and then are guided safely upwards, without to quickly move up by itself right away. Automotive manufacturers and industrial partners use the know-how of LSD in the development of wing door hinges for exclusive special series. The LSD doors are available to order at specialist dealers. The LSD door fittings are available at specialist dealers. For the “sister models” Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S, the LSD-Doors are in development. All information as well as the latest application list can be found at:

About LSD-doors:

LSD-Doors is a brand of KW automotive, the market leader and innovation motor of individual suspension solutions for the road and in racing. The vehicle specific LSD-door hinges for upgrade impress compared to other upgrade sets with its advanced technology and the highest possible quality standard. A testing laboratory, accredited by the Federal Office of Motor Vehicles confirmed after a side crash test, that the LSD solution patented in Germany, is as safe as a standard doors. This means that the occupant protection at a side impact according to Directive 96/27/EG is guaranteed by the LSD door hinge system.

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