Toyota maintains global sales lead over Volkswagen and GM

Toyota global sales, taking into account Hino Motors Limited and Daihatsu Motor Co during the first six months of 2014 stood at 5.1 million vehicles while sales reported by Volkswagen reached the 5.07 million mark.

Toyota maintains global sales lead over Volkswagen and GMToyota sales have increased 3.8% over sales in the same period in the previous year thus gaining the title of global leader. Toyota sales outside of Japan also saw a notable increase of 2.9% to 3.8 million vehicles which was aided by increased demand for its SUV models over sedans in the US markets.

Sales of Toyota Highlander and RAV4 SUV models besides SUVs from the Lexus brand experienced a marked increase US delivery. Sales of Highlander increased 17% this year, while sales of RAV4 crossover increased 15% while the automaker doubled deliveries of the Lexus GX SUV. This increased demand has resulted in the company increasing its global vehicle production by 5% to over 886,000 units.

Toyota and VW have both outsold General Motors during the January to June 2014 period. The largest automaker in the US saw worldwide deliveries increase 1.4% to 4.92 million cars and trucks. Diminished demand in Europe and South America were offset by increased demand in China and the US.

via Bloomberg