Valley Run 2014 starts tomorrow at Aamby Valley air-strip

Second Edition of Valley Run, India’s only drag racing competition is back. To be held on January 25 and 26 at Aamby Valley air-strip, Lonavla, this is the biggest drag racing event in India which will also include participation from Super Car Club.

Elite Octane Inc. is back with the second edition of Valley Run 2014. This year, the organizers promise that events will get bigger and better and they are taking all possible steps to ensure that the show is conducted efficiently so as to avoid any sort of inconvenience to spectators.

valley run india

A camping site with tents has been erected for those spectators who plan on staying throughout two day event. There will also be a special entertainment arena and a well defined parking area for those auto enthusiasts who would like to bring their supercars to the venue.

The adrenaline rush inducing sport also includes fastest timing on Quarter Mile Drag Strip wherein Elite Octane and Aamby Valley City will host these drag racing events which will attract the attention of not only Indian Cars and Bikes but also some International participation as well. There will be dirt track and drift exhibition runs and a new professional drag racing timing system.

Drag Racing is a globally recognized Motor Sport which is being held in accordance with International rules and regulations of the Federation. The events are based on fastest timing of Quarter Mile Drag Air Strip and participation from across the country is expected while it will be strictly governed by rules and regulations of FMSCI (Federation of Motor Sports Club of India).

Tickets to the event can be bought from here. Price ranges from Rs 700-1500 per day. If you can’t make it, stay tuned to Rush Lane as we will be at the venue to bring you LIVE coverage of The Valley Run 2014.