Volkswagen Polo and Maruti Suzuki SX4 to debut at 2013 INRC: FMSCI

The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) have revealed the calendar for 2013 Indian National Rally Championship (INRC). They have also revealed that there…

The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) have revealed the calendar for 2013 Indian National Rally Championship (INRC). They have also revealed that there will be two new cars which will debut at the rallying scene in India for the first time, Volkswagen Polo hatchback and Maruti Suzuki SX4 sedan.

Indian National Rally Championships (INRC) 2012 season is something most Rally aficionados would prefer not to talk about. However, an eight round calendar has been announced for 2013 and INCR is poised for a historic comeback. The season gets off to a flying start earlier than usually seen in the past with the first round being held in Chennai in March 2013.

Tarmac rallies are also being announced and Nashik is seen as one of the fastest tarmac rallies while Cochin will also see two tarmac rounds in the coming year. There will be two classes for the 2013 season which will include Group N class for cars upto 2000cc while the second group will comprise of cars upto 1600cc.

During 2013, high performers, Maruti Suzuki SX4 and Volkswagen Polo will be making their debut in INRC in the 1600cc class. Rules and regulations for the coming year will remain unchanged with the Junior Indian Rally Championships only allowing drivers upto ages of 27 years while IRC or Indian Rally Championships are open to foreign participation in Group N4 cars. For more information, scroll down.

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December 19, 2012: After a challenging couple of seasons, the FMSCI seeks to re-invigorate the Indian National Rally Championship (INRC) with the announcement of an exciting eight round championship set to take off in March. In what has been a purple patch for Indian motorsport overall, the FMSCI looks set to create a bigger and better season of rallying in 2013.

The new season will also see the re-introduction of Tarmac stages with two rallies, one in Nashik and also September’s Cochin Rally running on sealed surfaces. The INRC will comprise of two major classes: the Group N 1601-2000cc cars and another class for cars upto 1600cc. The FMSCI homologation of new machinery this year will also mark the entry of Maruti SX4 and Volkswagen Polo to the national rallying arena for the first time.

Vicky Chandhok, President of the FMSCI was looking forward to a positive year ahead and said, “There’s no hiding from the fact that 2012’s INRC didn’t go to plan but all the clubs involved are putting in a solid effort to ensure we come back strong with heightened preparation for 2013. It’s also good to see more manufacturer interest and we look forward to seeing some new cars on the dirt in 2013.”

With an eye on identifying and further developing young rallying talent in the country, the Junior Indian National Rally Championship (JINRC) returns once again with drivers under 27 years of age eligible to contest for the Championship in Group N cars under 1600cc.

The Indian Rally Championship (IRC) is also set to return and is open to foreign participation in homologated Group N4 cars. The series for 2013 has received plenty of interest from Asia Zone drivers and will see drivers from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka battle it out for the silverware.

The INRC kicks off with the MMSC’s historic South India Rally in Chennai on the 22nd of March 2013.

IRC/INRC Calendar for 2013

Round 1: 22-24 March: MMSC Chennai (Gravel)
Round 2: 12-14 April: Northern Motorsports, Bhuj (Gravel)
Round 3: 17-19 May: Kolkata , RRPM (Gravel)
Round 4: 07-09 June: WISA, Nashik (Tarmac) (TBC)
Round 5: 19-21 July : CASC, Coimbatore (Gravel)
Round 6: 20-22 September: KASC , Cochin (Tarmac) (TBC)
Round 7: 25-27 October: K1000, KMSC Bangalore (Gravel)
Round 8: 29 Nov -01 Dec: MSCC, Chikmagalur (Gravel)