Volkswagen Polo gets sporty customization from IDE Autoworks

Volkswagen Polo is much sportier than what we see in the segment, currently offered in India. In itself, it is a rugged hatchback that has appealed to a large number of buyers. But to give a unique look, IED Autoworks from Gurgaon, well versed in the art of auto designing have offered a set of design modification for the Volkswagen Polo.

Volkswagen Polo gets sporty customization from IDE Autoworks 2

As you see in the images here, the customization further adds to the appeal of VW Polo. Called IED-Polo, it comes with revised exteriors which include an asymmetrical design that is instantly impressive. Painted pristine white, the Polo receives rally stripes with red accents giving it a sporty appeal.

The roof has been painted in black while the outside rear view mirror and door handles are also in a contrasting gloss black finish on its otherwise white body. Headlamps are in silver while chrome inserts follow the same design as seen in the Polo’s European spec model. The redesigned Polo now sits on 16” blade design alloy wheels fitted with 205/50/16 Apollo Acelere tyres. The entire package is priced at INR 20,000 while alloy wheels are priced separately starting from INR 20,000.

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