Volkswagen Polo R Cup 2013 India driver selection

Volkswagen Polo R Cup 2013 India driver selection. The Polo 1.6 from Volkswagen will also make a mark in the INRC circuit this year.

Driver Selection Volkswagen Polo R Cup 2013Volkswagen Polo R Cup 2013 India driver selection 22-24 March. Registrations began at the end if Decemeber with last day for registration being 18th February 2013. Ameya Walavalkar was the Volkswagen Polo R Cup 2012 winner, and A Sandeep Kumar for was picked to race the Scirocco R-Cup 2013. 2012 Volkswagen Polo R Cup finale was held at BIC on 1-2 December at the Sidvin Festival of Speed, after which a few of the years racers also participated at the Colombo Night Races 2012. On the passenger car front, Volkswagen Polo SR with 75 PS was introduced with a launch price of Rs 6.27 lakhs earlier this month. The Polo 1.6 from Volkswagen will also make a mark in the INRC circuit this year.

Globally, the fiscal year 2012 has seen Volkswagen Group sales meet expectations. The company saw an increase in operating profit to the tune of €11.5 billion while enhanced dividend was also recorded. Volkswagen Group sales revenue increased to €192.7 billion as against €159.3 billion in previous year despite the fact that economic conditions continued to be strained. Profit before tax in 2012 stood at €25.5 billion as against €18.9 billion in same period of previous year. Profit after tax stood at €21.9 billion as compared to €15.8 billion a year earlier.

Notwithstanding the crisis all across the European markets, Volkswagen Group looks forward to 2013 resulting in increased sales, revenue and overall deliveries. The company continues to bank in its sound financial strengths and earning power besides a broad based and well liked product range. Expansion and introduction of new models is also in the offing and it is due to this that the company expects to see far reaching results in global markets.


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