Volkswagen Wings 2014 Game Day ad on Youtube

Volkswagen of America has today shown their new Game Day commercial, ‘Wings’ on YouTube before it airs in the 2nd quarter of the Big Game this Sunday. 2014’s ad, is VW’s 5th consecutive Game Day ad.

“The Big Game is a unique chance for Volkswagen to entertain tens of millions of people and to show consumers why we have so much pride in the brand,” said Vinay Shahani, Vice President, Marketing at Volkswagen of America, Inc. “We are thrilled with this year’s creative, which highlights the enthusiasm around our brand and our vehicles’ German engineering in a humorous spot that embodies the Volkswagen spirit.”

2014 Golkswagen Wings commercial is developed by ARGONAUT, a San Francisco-based creative agency. It focuses on VW’s 1 claim that it has the most vehicles on road with over 100,000 miles.’Wings’ follows up Volkswagen’s teaser ‘Algorithm’ released on January 21, 2014. The teaser gave viewers a glimpse of what the Big Game spot could look like if VW were to have handed the creative reins over to the brand’s quirky and enthusiastic German engineers. The teaser made light of VW’s perfectionist culture, and ‘Wings’ celebrates its engineers’ devotion to vehicle design.

While factually we understand there are less women in automobile enginneering, we’re guessing that’s why there’ not many women in the spot, and a nil chance for the few and far in between to develop wings. Or not. Moving on, there will be multi-faceted digital and social campaign, concepted and produced by Edelman Digital, Volkswagen’s social Agency of Record. The iconic German engineers featured in ‘Wings’ will take to social media, to try and explain the formula to create the most entertaining Game Day experience. A series of funny videos across Volkswagen’s owned social channels will debut before the Big Game, as well as during the game itself with live video responses on the gridiron action.

Volkswagen will launch a homepage masthead takeover on YouTube beginning 3rd February. Dubbed ‘Internet-ifier 5000, it will encourage fans to remix Volkswagen’s Game Day commercial with memes – such as cats and babies – to make the Big Game spot even “Internet-ier.”

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