Volkswagen Up CNG small car has its first customer

VW Up! has its first customer. Volkswagen announced a new natural gas powered Eco Up! small car, which is the world’s most fuel efficient natural…

VW Up! has its first customer. Volkswagen announced a new natural gas powered Eco Up! small car, which is the world’s most fuel efficient natural gas passenger vehicle, Eco Up! can burn 2.9 kgs of CNG every 100 kms or 62 miles while emitting just 79 gms of CO2/ km. This is about 56 US mpg or 23.8 kmpl. CNG or Compressed Natural Gas is the new alternative fuel to gasoline. Not only CNG is cheaper, it is also much cleaner and greener. CNG has caught the attention of many European consumers who are now opting for this alternative fuel option in their upcoming vehicles.

However, US markets will not be receiving Eco Up! as it is scheduled for sale only in Europe where the country gets set to make fuel for natural gas vehicles from biomass and renewable biomethane. Volkswagen is yet to launch Up! in India. But once they launch, it will surely attract a great deal of attention as it will compete with 20,000 units a month car, Maruti Alto 800.

Volkswagen has fitted the new Eco Up! with three subfloor tanks. The first is of 35 liter capacity for storage of CNG which is situated at the front of the rear axle while a reserve petrol tank is of 10 liters. A third tank specially for 37 liters of CNG storage in fitted in a place which would otherwise be reserved for a spare wheel. Eco Up! prices in Europe start at €12,950 (Rs 9.11 lakhs) while the government will be offering a subsidy of over €1,000 as a special incentive to buyers opting for this clean and green fuel option.

Performance specs of the Up! ECO models stand at delivering 67 hp from the three cylinder 1.0L engine along with a peak torque of 90 Nm. This allows the small Up! to reach a top speed of 164 kmph and achieve a 0-100 kmph acceleration in 16.3 seconds. For more information, scroll down.

Auto News Release (Translated)

Volkswagen delivers its first eco up! to customers

Wolfsburg / Neumünster, 07 December 2012 – Volkswagen is the first eco up! delivered to a customer. Stadtwerke Neumünster rejoiced over two cars of the small city specialist with environmentally friendly natural gas drive. Philip Paul, Head of Sales North Region, Volkswagen Passenger Cars handed, both vehicles to the general manager of SWN Stadtwerke Neumünster Matthias Trunk.

Philip Paul, Head of Sales North Region, Volkswagen Passenger Cars: “Stadtwerke Neumünster have made the right decision. For low consumption and an impressive CO2 best value of only 79 g / km is one of the eco up! one of the cleanest cars in the world. “The vehicles complement the existing pool of SWN Stadtwerke Neumünster and for journeys to the employee used. “We are particularly pleased that we are the first in Germany to the new natural gas-fired up! obtained. We emphasize “our pioneering the use of environmentally friendly vehicles, the SWN manager Matthias trunk. The public utilities have been relying on natural gas as fuel and 2003 were the first in Germany, used on heavy vehicles and public passenger inserting natural gas vehicles. More than 85 percent of the entire fleet of SWN take the environmentally friendly fuel.

The full-fledged four-seater eco up! has an economical and high dynamic natural gas drive. The technology recently developed 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine produces 50 kW / 68 PS (at 6,200 r / min) and a maximum torque of 90 Nm. The eco up! reaches a top speed of 164 km / h This engine uses the eco up! only 2.9 kg / 4.4 m3 natural gas per 100 kilometers. At a price of currently around one euro per kg of natural gas per 100 km fuel costs incurred by only three euros.

Even before its launch, the eco up! two associations named the most environmentally friendly vehicle 2012: In addition to the title of “Overall Winner” in VCD environmental list 2012, the natural gas powered up! awarded the Environmental Award ACVmobil 2012thThe starting price for the two-door eco up! in Germany is 12,950 euros, the prices for the four-door model starts at 13,430 euros.

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