Volvo future cars which negate accidents to be launched by 2020

Volvo, the car brand which is considered to manufacture the safest cars in the world, has yet again outdone itself as it has developed the…

Volvo, the car brand which is considered to manufacture the safest cars in the world, has yet again outdone itself as it has developed the world first ‘no death’ car which is outfitted fit innovative technologies and sensors to help detect collisions and avoid crashes. This model is still being tested and its expected to be on the road in the next 8 years, by 2020, which is also the year, when they aim to become the third largest luxury car maker in the Indian auto industry.

This new future Volvo model boasts of high tech sensors which will not allow the car to be driven into objects thereby reducing amount of collisions. These sensors will allow the car to monitor not only cars but also pedestrians. They are graduated to enable them work at high speeds to so as to ensure the car is a safe distance from others.

Apart from this, Volvo has developed an innovative system which will allow drivers to read, text, and snooze while on the move all within legal regulations. Through this technology, road trains will be formed by cars whose rivers want to indulge in the above mentioned activities. These cars will be connected via Bluetooth and controlled by a professional driver at the head of the train system.

The cars are fitted with a computer system which helps to control the car without any inputs from the driver. A combination of lasers, sensors helps to keep the cars in a straight line and at a safe distance from each other. These car trains are ideal on highways and economical too as during the period cars expend only 20% of their fuel.

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Volvo Car Corporation improves safety with communicating cars

A few examples of application areas for the new technology:

Green Light Optimum Speed Advisory

Via a transmitter in the traffic light, information is provided regarding the optimum speed for a car to maintain in order to pass through a succession of green lights, thus avoiding unnecessary braking for red. At red lights, the driver can also receive information about how long it will be before the light turns green.

Emergency Vehicle Warning

Alerts the driver to the presence of nearby emergency vehicles, allowing him or her to create free passage well in advance and without being taken by surprise. This can be of benefit in the evening and at night in urban areas where emergency vehicles use their sirens more sparingly out of consideration for nearby residents, and also if loud music is playing in the car.

Road Works Warning

Alerts the driver to road works. Construction vehicles and heavy equipment can transmit information to vehicles well in advance of the site. Drivers can thus receive information about changed speed limits and altered routes near the work-site. The system can also keep the driver informed about the remaining distance before the end of the long road-work zone.

Slow Vehicle Warning

Slow or broken-down vehicles in the roadway transmit a warning to other road users. Receiving information well in advance can cut the risk of unpleasant surprises in traffic and thus reduce accidents.

Traffic Jam Ahead Warning

Alerts the driver to traffic stops or tailbacks. Since vehicles to the rear are alerted that there is a stop further ahead, there is less of a risk of accidents.

Weather Information

Issues a warning about local bad weather such as heavy rain, snowfall or icy roads.

In-Vehicle Signage

CAR 2 CAR provides information about regular or temporary speed limits. This information is provided by communication units along the road that can pass on information about parameters such as road signs and their location on the route.

Emergency Electronic Brake Light

Vehicles that break down on the road create dangerous situations both for drivers and passengers in the stricken vehicle, as well as for other road users. CAR 2 CAR warns if a vehicle suddenly slows down.

Motorcycle Approaching Indication

Motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable road users and in order to improve safety CAR 2 CAR informs other road users if there is a motorcycle nearby.

Red Light Violation Warning

Traffic lights that communicate with cars make it possible to alert a driver who has not noticed a red light, for instance by activating a prominent sound and light signal in the car. This technology also makes it possible to warn a driver going through a green light if another vehicle is about to cross his/her path by mistake.