Volvo successfully concludes SARTRE project: Autonomous driving is future

Autonomous driving or self driving vehicle project, SARTRE was undertaken by Volvo Car Corporation. This project helped in creating possibilities for safer driving leaving drivers to concentrate on other activities while behind the wheel. Volvo Car Corporation is making inroads into this autonomous driving technology which will use least amount of human intervention while steering, accelerating or braking. Theory is that if a plane can fly up in the air in autopilot mode, why not a car on the street?

Volvo Car Corporation will be conducting an in-depth study on consumer attitudes where self driving cars are concerned. Studies show that while younger drivers in the age group of 18 to 37 are more acceptable to this idea there are an equal number of drivers who are apprehensive to the challenge. Besides permitting the driver to concentrate on other activities, self driven vehicles or autonomous driving technology has other advantages as well. These include the possibility of zero accidents and injuries, fuel consumption reduction and shorter time travel due to fewer incidents of traffic jams.

SARTRE – Safe Road Trains for the Environment project has also been finalized during the current year.  Here a total of 7 auto partners in Europe along with Volvo Car Corporation will ensure that automated driving technology goes ahead according to plan and sees light of day when drivers will only be behind the wheel in person but capable of performing other mundane functions while leaving the steering of their vehicle in more capable hands.

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