Watch toddler sing Elvis Presley’s An American Trilogy in back seat of car

Ella Mae, a precocious two year old proves she is an Elvis Presley fan to the core. Singing along with innocent abandonment, as Elvis’s ‘An American Trilogy’ plays on the car stereo, Ella is comfortably strapped in her baby chair in the back seat of her father’s car.

toddler sings elvis presley

Ella’s father has captured her entire performance while strapping his camera to the front side of the rear seat of the car, honed directly on Ella, as she sings along with as much enthusiasm as any other adult Elvis fan. Besides this song, Ella has other Presley and other favorites she loves to sing along to while her father drives about his daily chores. These include songs such as Suspicious Minds, The Beetles’ Twist and Shout besides Bruno Mars’ The Lazy Song. Another video of this singing sensation is expected to make its way to YouTube provided Ella’s father can get the sprightly two year old to sit in one place and sing an entire song. Watch the video below.