Wife accidentally tweets husband’s death, while reporting a crash

Caran Johnson who live tweets about traffic activity in Washington State, from her handle @ScanCouver, accidentally tweeted about her own husband’s death in a car crash. Caran tweeted about a three vehicle collision that occurred on Wednesday only to find out later that it was her husband who had met this crash and died.

Wife inadvertently live tweets husband's death

Caran Johnson, 47, was following the accident and tweeting about it when she realized that her husband uses the same road for daily commute from work. It was after she posted the tweet that she had a niggling doubt that may be her husband Craig, was among one of the unfortunate persons involved in this crash.

Caran  closely followed the accident being reported by NBC news report that had occurred at Interstate 205 near the Oregon state line. She later realized that her doubts proved to be true when Craig Johnson’s Hyundai crossed the median and collided head on with an oncoming pick up truck. Craig was killed in the crash while the truck driver received serious injuries.

The mother of 2 tweeted how she hated this particular section that had too many ramps and speeders and too few lanes. She also wrote about authorities confirming fatalities but it was only after she tried calling up her husband on his cell phone and not getting any response called up 911 where she received the tragic news. Following is the account of exchange of tweets between her and the cops.